Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well heres Lil Bella she is a Mini Doberman Pincher ...she is full of life and alot sassy not to mention she has sharp puppy teeth
I took a pic of her yesterday and she is no bigger then a regular remote for a TV lol ...this lil girl brings me so much joy and so much love its not funny ...My husband got her for me for Christmas ...now I can dress her all up and carry her in her bed She always get peoples eyes and then talking about her asking to pet her ...I am rather funny about people toiuching my puppy and dont let the kids plau with her at all Im afraid they will drop her

But thats not why I am here today I am here cause my heart hurts and my feelings are even worse off
I got up this am to a email from a sister that I dont get along with telling me how she is glad I am not coming and how everyone in my family hates me ...before I go to far into this let me tell you this is the sister that is a drink and ran out on my Mom while she was SICK almost dieing ...the is also the sister who my parents had to adopt her child when she was 15 cause she was hooked on HERION ..I usally dont put things out about my family cause I find it persoanal and I am very ASHAMED of my family
Anyways this sister went on and on on what a bad person I am ....I dont know if it is cause I am run down from Christmas or if it is cause I want my family to love me and want to spend time with me I just dont know ...all I know is for Christmas I wouldnt be doing anything to hurt anyone hell I wouldnt do nothing to hurt anyone now PERIOD
I am a In Hime Care Taker/ House Keeper and I have had the same clients for years I work for myself and have a wide varity of anmails from dogs to goats to cats to gunnie pigs to turtles and a bird
Truly I spendf my life and time trying to make others happy and see the smiles on thier face ...
So to be slapped with the email from my sister before my coffee ley alone wipe the sleep from my eyes is just alil bit harsh and hard to swollow
I have never got along with this sister she treats me as if she can control me then when she knows she cant and I still have a smile on my face things get harder
My Docter upped my meds cause things just seem impossable for me right now ...it is Christmas time for love fun family and laughter and my heart is broken and I am so sad right now - yes I know it is part of the Bi Polar but it dosnt make it any easier
Its almost a perfect Christmass here ...the snow is begining to fall and the house is all warm and snug from the wood stove I am to srart my baking and I just dont have it in me cause of the mean hateful things that my sister spewed out in a email to me ,,,you know I dont wish her no harm at all I just wish she take her drunk ass and lay it on someone else I mean what is it going to prove I am 1500 miles away from there (and plan on staying that way )
Pitas Out

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miss Bella The Princess

This is my Christmass Puppy that Ed is getting me cause I was pushed into giving my sister in law one of my dogs ...Ed knew how heartbroke I was and how the things that played out hurt my feelings
You see I cant have kids and I always wanted a lil girl puppy that I could take everywhere with me and dress her ...no by no ways is she a Baby well yes she is a baby but not human but on the 14 when I bring her home I will be bottle feeding her and spoon feeding her ....I feel that I have enough love for all my anmails !!!!
I will show you all pics when I bring this lil one home ....do you know that I feel like a frist time Mom with Bella
Amazing How Bella Makes Me Feel
Pita Out

La Bella Bella For Short Please

I do not have a pic of LaBella (Bella) for short I am going to put a down payment on her this morning and I will have pics of her when I get home later this evening .Now Bella is Yorkie and Chuacha she will be 4 weeks old on the 14th when I will pick her up andf start bottle feeding her and molding her into the puppy that I want
For Ed letting me get Bella we are getting rid of the gunnie pigs and the hamsters well I am keeping one gunniepig who is pregnate
Ed realized how hurt and heartbroken I am and how him and his brother bullied me into giving my other dog away ...so we talked about it (Finally) and decided that if I got a dog it would have to be a lil girl and very small
So now i am waiting for the owners to get up so that I can get directions to thier house
I am so excited I cant stand myself a real baby well not baby but puppy I am very good with anmails so it will just be grand
I will post pics when I get home
Pitas Out

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hubby Brother In Law & 3 Pound Puppy

Yesterday was the worst day ever I mean worst ...I am the type of person who trys to help people I LOVE anmails and I would do anything to make anyone smile ...so on thanksgiving I go and get my brother in law a cat (Unapprated ) then yesterday I was going to get my sister in law a dog that I had found on craigs list .. Daisy is a lil shitztoojust like Shades my dog above but she was only 3 pounds :) I fell in love with her from the start I called my husband and him and his brother ganged up on me I told Ed I couldnt get rid of the dog I fell in love with her ...I even told Carol that she was going to hate me cause I couldnt let go ...Carol understood but I got it from both Don and Ed when I had spent all this time looking for them a cat and a dog and I spent my money going and getting the dog and cat and Carol thought I was going to work until 1pm so she had no idea that I was going to get Daisy
What made it so bad is my husband again let his drunk ass brother disrespect me and he did as well he called me stuiped and retarded ...I dont care if your mad at someone you dont say mean things like that ...I am very angry I was pushed to give this dog away I was yelled at screamed at told I was a bitch and even that I am self centered ...I am hurt cause no matter what my husband and his brother bullied me into giving my sister in law that dog and no matter what they do I will never forgive either one of them ...my husband for the treatment and letting me disrespected and treating me so badly and breaking my heart to make his brother happy ...my christmass spirt is gone the happiness that goes with christmass is gone Hubby and I are fighting ...he said I have to have everything he bought me a ring (witch has been promissed for years ....and I told him not to but he wnt and did it anyways then he throws this crap in my face ...I dont even want the ring I dont want to look at him infact I was so heart broken and upset that I went to bed at 8 pm so I didnt have to look at him anymore
He thinks that him and his brother can tell me what to do and how to do and they can control me welp let me tell you this the brother is a worthless drunk and my Man is a bobble head ass hole period ...the whole time we been married hubby has let his whole flicken family disrespect me ...Ive had to throw his brother into the wall cause he was drunk and said that I wasnt part of the family cause I cant have kids ...its not my fault I was one step below uterus cancer and at age 21 they took my uturas ...it was my chioce either go on and try to have a baby and get cancer (cancer runs in my family ) or have my baby maker taken out so that it would slim my chances of having cancer ...but no I am broken no good and a peice of shit cause I cant have kids ...at frist I wanted kids BAD but now it dont make a shit to me I dont want kids ...but yet I can be disrespected cause I cant have kids ...oh no hubby didnt do nothing to tell his brother he wont accept that disrepect to me either I am to the point where I am going to leave my husband if this shit dont stop insteed of disrespecting me and treatin mer bad and bulling me why dosnt he try talking to me why dose it always have to pan out where his brother gets to treat me badly ???I will tell you that I am not giving no anmails away I am not finding anmails for no one I am not doning for no one ...you wanna know why its not apprated ...
I dont know whats going to happen today my heart is broke and I am very angry with hubby right now I think I will stay away from him for a couple of days I wont even try explaning cause nothing happenes when I do and he would rather make his brother happy rather then me 18 years is 18 years to flicken long to be disrespected by my brother in law ....
So now I dont have Daisy Hubby is being a bobble head and brother in law looks as if he is the cat that ate the bird ...and I the one who did all the hard work am a peices of shit ....I dont know why I think after so meany years of being mistreated by hubbys brother that it would change
Im to upset to go on with this post cause I am so upset
The pic is of my dog Shades and its there to kick off the Christmass Season Ya right mine is ruined from the get go !!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lets see what do I wanna blog about today ...

What about one of my heartprint friends is having a very hard time and is soon to be leaving her husband (X Best Friend) for the disrespect that him and his child give to her on the dialy basis (witch pisses me off by the way )

Or about how my step sister beat my Step Mom and 1/2 brother and I mean really beat them took thier truck and spread lies about my family ...now my Step Mom is from my real Dad ...My Dad died of cancer 2 years this July ...Ed and I have kept constant contact with Dads sisde of the family ...I must say it just burns my ass that anyone could lay thier hands on thier parents to hurt them ...I just dont get it and refuse to cause I would never ever raise a hand to my real mother or disrespect her in any mannor I accept everyone for who and what they are

Lets talk about my Mom who has 48% heart function and Liver Fauiler with a HARDERENED Liver ....yes it is cause of my Moms drug use (she pops pills ) she has been in the hospital 10 times in just as meany months ...each time I think that it dosnt effect me ...but it dose ...I hate how my family treats my Mom ...its like HELLO STUIPED Mom has been doing this her whole life or my whole life it is taking a toll on her body now

Lets talk about my roommate that is bearly a week in and I wanna rip his man hood off I dont get mad often but when I do it is hard for me to let it go but my roommate uses his illness to his benifit and to gian things and this drives me crazy as well as he is LAZY and dose nothing at all and expects dinner made for him ...ummmm excuse me I only worry about Ed and I ...yes I have a roommate but I have a family frist ...so hard to explane

I am going to a friends house to listen to his band and hang out I will stop at anthor friends house and see my lil heartbeat

Pita Out

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gunnie Pigs

This is Shades and Hank I am the proud owner of 3 gunnie pigs but this is the best pic that I have of the Gunnies
Shades is on my husband and so is Hank I dont have a problem with Shades trying to get or eat my Gunnies infact I put Shades in the play pen with them when it is time for exercizing ...My husband built a bad to the bone cage for Stach (Whos a Girl )and Cookie Stach is 3 months and Cookie is a year ...I did let Hank have his Gunnie Pig way with Stach so we shall see if she got pregoin a month or so Cookie cant be bred cause if she dose get pregnate then it could kill her so I keep her far far away from Hank for he is quite frisky lol
I dont know how all this Gunnie Pig stuff started with me ...I got 2 for free off of criags list then they were fighting fighting I mean blood slug on the wall and all so I gave Guss to my Brother In Law then I got the 2 girls and they started fighting so I had to seprate them as well but I kept both of them
I will slowly be showing all my anmails and opening up about alot that is going on in my life cause none of my family have this blog addy and I am not about to give it out to any of them ...this is my hiding spot from everyone this is where I can share my thoughts and emotions on everything form my life to my familys life that interacts with me ...to showing off my pride and joys (My anmails ) Im not able to have children so I have oddles of anamils ..most of you work for your bills me I work for my anmails and wouldnt have it any other way ....
So Jump Aboard My Lifes & Pets Train

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Hero Named Shades

This is going to be like one of those anmail mircle showes ....so sit back get your coffee or tea or whatever it is that you drink and let me tell you all about my dog Shades
Now most the time Shades is always underfoot ...I mean if I go potty he is right there looking at me with eyes of love ...if I take a shower Shades is sitting right there probelly wishing he could hand me my towel
Shades is also a abused dog as well ...it is funny cause I was done with dogs ...I had 4 I didnt need no more ...but my friend brought Shades into me and he Jumped from Chrises arms to my lap (Ummmm yep he had me from wolf) but anyways this dog had been abused it took 5 baths to clean him enough to get a a hircut Shades had also been ran over by a car (this was seen ) but Id like to think that my Daddy up oin heaven was saving thisd dog for me (No him getting hit didnt hurt he got checked by the vet )
My Dad before he passed of cancer had told me Racquell I am going to give you one of Tippy Toes Babys (well they never bread tippy toes ) and sadly my Daddy went to heaven before any of the rest of us ...but you see my Dad is a man of his word a year or so agao here comes this lil beedy eye lovable lil puppy I could of ever had in my life
Here comes the mircle you all as you know Pita has been having trouble staying non passed out (witch is my heart ) and I will be wearing a heart montior for I dont know how long ....but I am always up before Ed I get up about 5 am every morning ...I do my puter thing I go to the rest room Imake my crystal light (That shit works ) expecally when your not hungry much ...I do my thing you know it is my quite time
This is alil personal but you have to know me Shades and our realtionship ...anyways I had just gotton done going potty and I guess when I stood up I passed out .....I awoke to Shades Pawing my Face Licking Me and Crying like I never heard him before .....crazy I know I laid on the floor I hit my head again and told Shades go get Daddy Mommy needs your Daddy and you know what he went and got Daddy for his Mommy ...this time Ed was shook it is no fun passing out banging your head (yes I know I am a roker but damn banging heads like that is not a good deal
It has been determinded I am very stressed out that I have a Eva what is that ????? and that I keep passing out ...I have DR Risk coming up and I have my other Docter on the 30th of this month ....I am off work NONE NADA NOWAY JOSE!!!!! for a month Ill lose my client and probelly Liza who can expect for my clients to wait it out for me
The dumb docters wanted me to take all my rings off the only 3 I didnt take off were my wedding rings and the ring Punky got her Auntie ...I refused I felt closer connected like Punky was hugging me ...you have to understand Rissa Mom Choose me and Ed to be Mammaw and Pawpaw ....WE both ADORE Rissa but Punky is always here sharing her love with me ...it dosnt matter if she is coloring me pages or if she is sittin on my lap ...Punky always makesme feel better so I kept the opal ring on she gace me PERIOD!!!!!!!!!
Now back to Shades (My Hero) the docters told me that Shades could of saved my life for they werent there and their is somthing wrong with my heart if it wasnt for Shades I dont wanna think what would happen Shades is right at my feet as I typr this he lets me go no where without me ...the docters told ED that he needed to watch Shades and the way he is reacting or not with me cause they belive he knows or sences what is going on with in my body STRANGE he has never been taught those people who threw him out what a DUMMY !!!!!
Thats ok they say Shades is a HERO and so do I
What do you all think give me some feedback cause this is spooky but cool you know ...anything like this ever happen to you
MY Hero My Dog Shades

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teedo & Sally

By Noe most of you know that JUSTICE died :( that really hurt me )cause as it has been said before Ed and I cant have children so we have 2o some anmails
Teedo is the small black and white hamster and Sally is the brown one they both have lil Attiduded but Sally is the one who loves to be held the inquizative and nosey one ...she is by far my favorite ...I am able to hold her she gives kisses and everything (no I dont let her lick my face ewwwww) These hamsters have the best of both wolds for when Ed and I go and get a new anmail we get everything ...like with my 20 dollar 55 gallon fish tank it has 250 in it with all the rocls prettys and pumps (I blogg on them later ) Plus my turtles Barney Pebbles Bambam Fred Wilma and Betty Ed and I built a cage for them ( we have lots of Nature going on heeehee) I gave my Turtles a bath and noticed 3 girls have eggs back there (believe me you can see ) so in the spring I do believe well have turtles ....these turtles all live in Turtle Rock !!! All but Pebbles the turtles have been caught by my dogs and were hurt so I nursed them and next spring all but pebbles and her buddy will be marked and let go to see if we see them again ...I swear to you I work for my anmails ....I have to go get food for fish and bird today
eventully I am going to let you all see the anamils that live here on the ranch (and thier are alot ) outside we have a white owl that lives over by Eds garage and yes we put food out there for him/her not to much just lil treats cause we want the owl to hunt on its own ...but to see this owl that has a wing span of my whole body is ...it is weird how the owl stays around Eds going to make a owl box for the winter for the owl (No Name Yet Any Ideas ) .....I love living here on the Ranch !!!! I love being with all my anmails
Ed and I were talking of adoting a child through the third world with soecial needs until we found out it is 50 grand 50 grand ...there went that idea out the window I was so very sad cause in my hearts of hearts I know Ed would be a wonderful Father and I would be a wonderful mother but it isnt in gods plan and thats ok cause I wanna be used in gods plan more then what I wanna do ...dose that make sence to you ????? it dose to me to a point .....the only thing well be fosterin is anamails and lots of them I am hoping that this blog takes off and others are intrested in my Ranch and all my anmails and my life here on the ranch with my husband ...but until then I can introduce Sally and Teedo rember Teedo is black and white
Rancher Pita

Friday, August 29, 2008

Daddy Don Garden

This one goes out to my Daddy ...the MAN who has made me into the woman that I am today ...the Man that fought hard to keep all of us families together and loving one another (I didn't get along with my step sister )...Here's to the man who loved not only my Mom Pasty but who also loved Momma Shirley whom he knew would love me back unconditionally ....here's to my father a man that would do anything for you ...you see Diane my Best Forever Sister had relapsed breast cancer in her brain and Daddy asked his adopted daughter from another mother that if she had her bug spray ...he took the sting out of the horrid day that it turned out to be and Diane and I were able to carry on and smile and laugh

Here's to the man that fought hard for Cutie Pie and WON!!

Here's to a man who had the most awesome blue eyes that I could look into forever and a day

My Dad loved all my friends and interacted with them ...I do so miss my Dad and want him here for US but the death that he had was horrid

besides that Diane and Grandma and my brother Michael to play with and jump from cloud to cloud watching over all of us

My Dad is the best person who has ever been in my life and now I am going to show you who my Daddy is

Daddy I Love You MOSTEST


OK as most of you know that I have lots of animals right ? well since Ed and I cant have children we have a lot of animals ranging from fish to a pot bellied pig ....

I am Bi Polar 2 and have panic attack disorder and I find truly that it is so easy for me to have lots of animals

The latest animal I got was a hamster JUSTICE ...you see I have been having problems wit the Bi Polar and the Weatherby Lake Police (I am suing them for violation of my civil rights as well as my husbands ) but anyways we went to Petco and here in the cage is this lil cutie patootie hamster I didn't know if she was a girl or a boy or if she bit all I knew was when my heart saw her it soared so high I had a smile a mile wide

No Justice does bite (I will break her off that !!!!! but if I had all sorts of people gawking at me not letting me sleep or what have you I would be biting too) lol

Justice has a 30 gallon tank that she lives in and is very set !!!!!she has chewies toys a place to hide and everything

I will be going and getting Justice a playmate maybe a lil boy and call him Judge ....lol all I know is that the animals make me feel better and give me something to look forward too

All animals and People Are Safe Pitas Care

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Heavenl.y Birthday Daddy

I Miss You I Love You and find it hard to live with out you here