Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lil TidBits Here And There Along With Everywhere

Here is Bella she is 3 months old and is a real spit fire ...she is a mess and has a attidue to go with her lil self ...she has been a joy to have and she keeps a smile on my face ...I never knew I could love a DOG the way that I love Bella
Bella is almost potty trianed not with #2 I dont think she knows that its also a form of going potty ..Bella can almost jump on the couch and she jumps and literlly runs all over the other dog but not my cats heehee I guess them claws hurt
The other night we ordered her a PET CRIB oh yes I stinking did ...when I get it I am going to repaint it and put Princess Bella and also make her crib into a princess bed I dont spoil my anmails at all
Bella has grown ALOT and she has found her voice her lil bark is so sweet I always smile when I here it ...she is still not sleeping all night long ..its about 3 or 4 that she wakes me up and I come out to the couch to let my Hubby sleep ...she runs around eats and goes back to sleep ...its not much help to me cause I cant go back to sleep silly Bella
Ive had to start putting Tard my old man dog hes 12 in our room and put bay gates up cause he wants no part of Bella and is very grumpy ...I know he would bite her so I have to keep a good eye on them

The other Pic is Shades ...he was brought to me in a very special way see Ill tell you a story ...My Dad that passed had a lassa and I fell in love with his dogs an I always wanted one Dad told me for my birthday that he was going to get me a Lassa ..well he found out that he had cancer and the dog took a back seat for all we wanted to do was get him better and in remission ....well that wasnt to be for the cancer took Dad he passed in July ...then in Oct when my birthday is like 5 days before one of my friends asks me if I want a abused dig that had been run over (But was fine ) I was told Shades was a LIl dog me always wanting a lil dog didnt say anything I already had 4 dogs at home ...Chris brought Shades in and Shades makes a beelinf to my lap and refuses to leave it realixe Shades was in Horrid codition when we got him it took me 5 baths just to get him not to stink and anthor 3 with cinditioner to comb him out ...but as I was washing him I noticed that Shades looked like Daddys dog Sparky ...I knew then that Shades was sent to me by my Dad from heaven he was keeping his Birthday promiss ro me he had got me my dog ...I dress Shades and Bella I Groom Shades (Am still learning to groom him ) I take him and Bella with me when I can ...they are my chidren only with four legs you know ????
I am quite the anmail person ..I dont know if it is cause I cant have children or if its cause I can see thier souls through thier eyes ..either way I dont have any plans of getting rid of any of my anmails
I am Sad today too ...let me back up ...Ill fill you in on some history with my husband and I husband and I raced at I 70 Speedway and we raced for a cause and brought money and awarness to a very number of things cancer blindness MS Caringbridge ..hugs and hope and we featured children who have cancer as our very own Pit Crew ...the kids got to make deccisions with the race truck and events that we did ... one of our Pit Crew was Zack F and this lil man made up the saying cancer sucks witch we proudly displayed on the back of our Race Truck helped keep oir drive going ..well a couple days ago Zack grew wings and flew off to be with the other angels in heaven ...To be honest Zack hit me hard hard Zack fought nurablastoma for 9 stinking years 9 flippen years and beat it !!!! Then a couple months back he told his parents that his cancer had come back ...and yes my friends it came back like a frieght trian it was unstopable it just took over to a point cause Zack has his own way of doing things and he left this earth on his own terms .. I am saddened casue Zack was the one that made it it didnt matter what was thrown at him he always beat the odds ....this time he didnt ...I cant even imange how his parents feel or how thier world has been rocked ...nothing is the same they lost thier son .....its uncomprehenable to even know thier pain ....
could you go to Zacks and leave your thoughts or prayers I would really apparate it and I know his family needs all the support that they can get
Did you all know that Ed and I by summer will be looking to foster a child not only foster but adopt if possable ...we looked into adoption and it is very coastly and honestly I dont think a price should be put on any chids head for any reason expecally the prices that are put on these buitful children ....ya thats my oppion and isnt it great that we all are diffrent somthing that is great that we are all diffrent ...could you imange a world with a million trillion yous ? I couldnt
Im also upset with my roommate he isnt helping in the house he needs a LIVER TRAZPLANT and I go to all the docters with him ask qustions and help with whatever I can ...well were both overweight and we had a pack since he has to lose weight I would walk step for step with him ...I just got back from Saint Louis for his LIver Tranzplant Team and we discuessed how we were going to diet to gether and go to the gym and work out ...well he got home from Saint Louis and told his family and they have been taking him to the gym (The gym ) these are people that dont have time wont help with the Liver docters or nothing but they take him to the gym and leave me out to say I am livid is byond the fact today I am going to tell him he needs to have them go to the docters and care for him when he has the Liver Tranzplant cause I am not going to when he lies and plays games with me may sound mean and I dont care but I wont be used ...he told me well for 78 a month you can get Ed ma and you in ....ummmmm excuse me dont want to buy a mebership but you want me too when he wount even take me to the gym as we have planed ummmmm NOT on his life will I buy a membership for him PERIOD I didnt do the drugs to mess my liver up why should he hold me up ?
I am a PCA and a Darn good one at that and I wont be played fooled or used in anyway PERIOD he broke the pack unless he fixes it then I am out ...sounds mean yes but when you been a PCA for the last 10 or 12 years you know a user when you see one ...I mean we moved him into our house to care for him and he dosnt help with NOTHING he gets up and eats then sleeps then once in a while hell go to work grrrrr I didnt realize I was so angry with him
I am Bi Polar so maybe that is why this whole thing seems to get my goat
Plus Zack growing his wings it just seems alot is on my plate ...
At least I am able to talk to my husband ...hes my life saver in more then one way in April we will be married for 18 years thats a long time but I couldnt imange being with anyone else My hubby has been my rock through it all he never fails me and loves me like no other could
Ok thats about it I will be coming back more !!!!! Promiss and I will share pics of my goats and pot bellied pig next time
Pitas Out