Friday, August 29, 2008


OK as most of you know that I have lots of animals right ? well since Ed and I cant have children we have a lot of animals ranging from fish to a pot bellied pig ....

I am Bi Polar 2 and have panic attack disorder and I find truly that it is so easy for me to have lots of animals

The latest animal I got was a hamster JUSTICE see I have been having problems wit the Bi Polar and the Weatherby Lake Police (I am suing them for violation of my civil rights as well as my husbands ) but anyways we went to Petco and here in the cage is this lil cutie patootie hamster I didn't know if she was a girl or a boy or if she bit all I knew was when my heart saw her it soared so high I had a smile a mile wide

No Justice does bite (I will break her off that !!!!! but if I had all sorts of people gawking at me not letting me sleep or what have you I would be biting too) lol

Justice has a 30 gallon tank that she lives in and is very set !!!!!she has chewies toys a place to hide and everything

I will be going and getting Justice a playmate maybe a lil boy and call him Judge all I know is that the animals make me feel better and give me something to look forward too

All animals and People Are Safe Pitas Care

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