Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Im Back

Wow its been awhile since I last wrote on my blog my goat Kandi Kamel has had her own baby (Tootie) since I was last here wow thats along time
I think I havnt wrote on my blog in so long is I have been sooo sooo busy I know thats not a excuse either. There have been alot of things that have happened on the Ranch some good some really really bad but I have made it through all of that
My Mom is doing WONDERFUL the doctor finally found out that it was her liver that was causing all the problems ..so thats good ! Im proud of my Mom to be Honest with you ! My lil brother and his wife are getting ready to have anthor baby (A lil Girl ) I have been working on a special blanket for her !
Ed my Hubby got me a Rabbit for Easter I chose to name him Snickers (I love love love anmails )
Snickers is very spoiled I mean so much so that he has a baby play pen so that he can get out of his cage and have room to hop run and play he is a hoot let me tell you
I tried to upload a pic of Snickers but it wouldnt let me
Ed and I just celebrated our 18 wedding anniversy this last April ! I can tell you that I am a spoiled lady Ed makes sure of that
Here latly we both have been getting the we need to be parents we need to open our heart and our minds and home to a child that is so needs to be loved . To be honest I dont know where this is going to take Ed and I .I know we wont become foster parents ever again with that I know that Ed and I would make good parents and have a loving home to raise a child wether it be a baby toddler or what have you but what I do know is that there is a desire in our hearts for a child like never before
I know that adoption is very expensive but I know that if it is gods will and not mine things will come toghter in his time ..I choose to watch the path be laid out before Ed and I
There has been some really big things happen here on the ranch .For one I am off the Lithum for my Bi Polor ! Is it easy NOPE not at all ! Is it worth being free of those horrable drugs that controled me and my life You BET ! I have learned diffrent things to calm myself and rid myself of the stress ! I am still in councling I do belive that I am learning myself for the very frist time (its like I am awake and alive )
I am also doing Pot gardening Ed and I usally have a huge garden but the last two years ! Its just Ed and I so I am just doing enough for Ed and I ! Our garden was to big and got to be to hard to catch up with