Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peggy Suies Babys / Bottle Feeding Too

These baby kids were born the 26th of this month ...I now have 4 babys 2 girls ne nea and Princess who are strong and very frisky then I have two lil boys who almost didnt make it Tiny and Skull ...the boys reside in the house with me and my husband :) thing is this friday we are going to be leaving for Ca and Az to visit my sick mother and to go get my Dads stuff that passed of cancer ....and I have to take my Min Pin My Shitz too and the 2 goats who in thier right mind takes 1/2 thier farm with them ...that would be the Pita me
Why you ask I helped Glenda Suie have her big baby and Skull wasnt suckling Tiny was already in the house for he was born 4 days proior to Skull so I scooped him up (It was snowing ) brought him in the house cause Momma wouldnt take care of him clean him nothing so I steped it up a notch and cleaned him feed him and put him in a crate ...when Skull was born he was brealy breathing has birth goo all over him I did cpr cleaned his mouth out and he started breathing (Thank You God ) I still thought for a couple of days that we were going to lose him but he is getting stronger with every passing day
People may say I am crazy but Ed and I cant have children so our anmails are our children so I kinda always step it up for them
The reason I wont leave my goats and they will be going to Ca and Az is cause if anything happens to them I would loose my cookies all over the place and dont know if I could handle it ...its not saying that others dont know how to take care of my babys but I wont let Ed Steve or anyone feed them ...oh sure they can ...but It kinda like a momma loin with her cubs ...
I will be keeping Tiny and selling the girls and skull ...Tiny is the frist born boy and he is attached to me so I figured we could let him be like the dogs and run the yard and be the yard goat ...he is so sweet and has so meany kisses to give to you ..yes I taught him that he is very smart and quite good looking
So if you see a s-10 with a camper shell on it with babys that say Nahhhhhhh Nahhhhhh you know that Pita and ED just flew through your town next weekend ...wish us luck and me the patience that I need to get through the next couple of weeks
To all that read my blog your AWSOME I read alot of diffrent blogs myself heart soul and prayers are sent your way ....
Pitas Out In A Winter Wonderland (6 Inch Of Snow and Ice )