Friday, June 11, 2010

Thoughts That Im Pondering

Wow I have made it here again !
I am going to get better at blogging and getting my feelings out ..after all this is my safe haven ! No one knows about this blog (For a reason )
Things have been crazy here on the Ranch (I love living on the ranch ) with the anmials with our friends and with just life . It seems that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs doing
I have fallen a couple of times and I am in a moon boot with PT getting ready for SURGERY of my ankel ! Believe it or not I am looking forward to this up coming surgery ! I am sick of falling and always hurting myself cause my ankels (yes thats both of them ) roll all the time, so if surgery can stop it then I am game (plus for the pain to stop for real ) The above Pic is of my ankel and how it sits w/o a brace or moon boot ! Its pretty gross looking dont you think ?
Then I had a duck that was attacked by a coon ! Fuddy Duddy Da Buddy Duck ! His eye and mouth were affected in this attack by the coon ! My hubby and I found Duddy the next morning I called all sorts of vets and was told that they dont take care of PEKIN DUCKS and if they did it would be hundreds of dollars so I just might as well put Duddy down (I was told Duddy is a dime a dozen ) I think not and I wouldnt accept that at all. I got smart I called a wild anmail reabilation place talked to a vet (a good one with a heart ) she told me what to do ! So Duddys treatment began !Antibotics (Force fed ) Baby food . sevral times a day ! Baths showers poping of the infected area ! Guess what it worked Duddy was getting better ! It was 2 weeks and Duddy started to go sdown hill he couldnt see he became depressed and he gave up ! His other eye got infected and there was nothing we could do. After bringing him in and kenneling him doing his care and everything I lost Duddy (heart breaking )

I became very depressed I had put everything I had in getting Duddy better and I couldnt stop the process of what was going on with Duddy ! I began to mope around I wouldnt take phone calls I wouldnt even go shopping ( I felt that I failed my duck and there was nothing I could do to shake the feeling of failing ) My wonderful husabnd picked up on how very sad I was and moved into action to make me feel betterYou see my husband knows I have to be taking care of somthing or someone to feel complete so he got on the computer and started looking around for baby ducks .He found this place 100 miles away and took me on a date (I didnt know he was taking me to go get a duck I went but wasnt in it . Hubby just went along with it until we reached the farm ! Once there he told me Ok Pita it is time to cheer you up .were here so that you can pick your own baby duck ! I was so excited not only about the duck but cause my husband knows me and was trying to make the hurt not so bad ! He wasnt replacing Duddy (He couldnt ) he was giving me and my heart anthor baby to take care of :) So we looked at just hatched ducks (I didnt want one they were to small ) then we looked at 1 week olds (they were to small still ) we went to 2 and 3 week olds too .Then I saw my duck running around acting a mess doing things the others were not ! ( I have to have uniqe anmails ) I watched him and watched him .As I watched him I felt that ever present tugging of my heart :) I know that this lil stinker running around and chearping not honking was mine God gave me that sign ! We paid for the duck 5 bucks and left ! I refused to have a box I held DOOBIE all the way home ! I kenneled him in the house (Just so he would become fimuliar with me and hubby ) then Hubby and I made a tempory cage outside for during the day (until DOOBIE feathers out ) Here is a pic of Doobie

Doobie was got not only for me but for our 1 eyed house duck Lucy ! ( you have to understand we let Lucy go during the day in the back yard but she is kenneled in the house at night ) Lucy is a riot she is hubbys duck ! Lucy has her own story and is UNIQUE in her own way ! When we got Lucy we didnt know what sex she was until she started laying eggs ! Once we found out that she was really a girl then we wanted to get a boy friend for her (step up Doobie ) they are both the same type of duck so next year we are hoping maybe to get lil Lucy and Lil Doobies next year ! Ill keep up with the blog with Doobies growing and when the two of them become friends
I will show you a pic of Hubbys duck LucyLast time I blogged I talked of a friend that was in ICU ! It was found out that this friend had a stroke and bleeding anurisum and he was rushed into BRAIN surgery ! I am pleased to report that the friend is home ! He has alot of recovering to do but he is truly a MIRCLE ! His children are taking care of him ! Life goes on and on and that I am thankful for ! I couldnt imange his children losing him (they lost thier Mom to cancer ) I prayed harder then I ever have on the childrens behalf ! A blessing that our friend made it through this ! A Mircle that has been given to us through our friend ! I am telling you Mircles happen every day !

Thats about it right now I have to get ready to go to work and get my day started I also need to take some pics of DOOBIE cause he is starting to get feathers now ..On his lil butt and I want to record everything about him and his growing

Ed and I are still talking adopting ! We are not sure where we are going to turn or how were going to do it (Money Wise ) ! If it is ment to be I do belive that God will show us the way ! All Ed and I know is that we want to give a child our love ! Hubby and I are really leaning towards a down syndrome baby ! We will stay in prayer and follow our gods lead ! If it happens it dose if not then that isnt the plan that God has in store for us !

Ok now I am really leaving ! I hope your day is full of sunshine and BELLY LAUGHS !