Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gunnie Pigs

This is Shades and Hank I am the proud owner of 3 gunnie pigs but this is the best pic that I have of the Gunnies
Shades is on my husband and so is Hank I dont have a problem with Shades trying to get or eat my Gunnies infact I put Shades in the play pen with them when it is time for exercizing ...My husband built a bad to the bone cage for Stach (Whos a Girl )and Cookie Stach is 3 months and Cookie is a year ...I did let Hank have his Gunnie Pig way with Stach so we shall see if she got pregoin a month or so Cookie cant be bred cause if she dose get pregnate then it could kill her so I keep her far far away from Hank for he is quite frisky lol
I dont know how all this Gunnie Pig stuff started with me ...I got 2 for free off of criags list then they were fighting fighting I mean blood slug on the wall and all so I gave Guss to my Brother In Law then I got the 2 girls and they started fighting so I had to seprate them as well but I kept both of them
I will slowly be showing all my anmails and opening up about alot that is going on in my life cause none of my family have this blog addy and I am not about to give it out to any of them ...this is my hiding spot from everyone this is where I can share my thoughts and emotions on everything form my life to my familys life that interacts with me showing off my pride and joys (My anmails ) Im not able to have children so I have oddles of anamils ..most of you work for your bills me I work for my anmails and wouldnt have it any other way ....
So Jump Aboard My Lifes & Pets Train

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