Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teedo & Sally

By Noe most of you know that JUSTICE died :( that really hurt me )cause as it has been said before Ed and I cant have children so we have 2o some anmails
Teedo is the small black and white hamster and Sally is the brown one they both have lil Attiduded but Sally is the one who loves to be held the inquizative and nosey one ...she is by far my favorite ...I am able to hold her she gives kisses and everything (no I dont let her lick my face ewwwww) These hamsters have the best of both wolds for when Ed and I go and get a new anmail we get everything with my 20 dollar 55 gallon fish tank it has 250 in it with all the rocls prettys and pumps (I blogg on them later ) Plus my turtles Barney Pebbles Bambam Fred Wilma and Betty Ed and I built a cage for them ( we have lots of Nature going on heeehee) I gave my Turtles a bath and noticed 3 girls have eggs back there (believe me you can see ) so in the spring I do believe well have turtles ....these turtles all live in Turtle Rock !!! All but Pebbles the turtles have been caught by my dogs and were hurt so I nursed them and next spring all but pebbles and her buddy will be marked and let go to see if we see them again ...I swear to you I work for my anmails ....I have to go get food for fish and bird today
eventully I am going to let you all see the anamils that live here on the ranch (and thier are alot ) outside we have a white owl that lives over by Eds garage and yes we put food out there for him/her not to much just lil treats cause we want the owl to hunt on its own ...but to see this owl that has a wing span of my whole body is is weird how the owl stays around Eds going to make a owl box for the winter for the owl (No Name Yet Any Ideas ) .....I love living here on the Ranch !!!! I love being with all my anmails
Ed and I were talking of adoting a child through the third world with soecial needs until we found out it is 50 grand 50 grand ...there went that idea out the window I was so very sad cause in my hearts of hearts I know Ed would be a wonderful Father and I would be a wonderful mother but it isnt in gods plan and thats ok cause I wanna be used in gods plan more then what I wanna do ...dose that make sence to you ????? it dose to me to a point .....the only thing well be fosterin is anamails and lots of them I am hoping that this blog takes off and others are intrested in my Ranch and all my anmails and my life here on the ranch with my husband ...but until then I can introduce Sally and Teedo rember Teedo is black and white
Rancher Pita

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