Thursday, December 4, 2008

La Bella Bella For Short Please

I do not have a pic of LaBella (Bella) for short I am going to put a down payment on her this morning and I will have pics of her when I get home later this evening .Now Bella is Yorkie and Chuacha she will be 4 weeks old on the 14th when I will pick her up andf start bottle feeding her and molding her into the puppy that I want
For Ed letting me get Bella we are getting rid of the gunnie pigs and the hamsters well I am keeping one gunniepig who is pregnate
Ed realized how hurt and heartbroken I am and how him and his brother bullied me into giving my other dog away we talked about it (Finally) and decided that if I got a dog it would have to be a lil girl and very small
So now i am waiting for the owners to get up so that I can get directions to thier house
I am so excited I cant stand myself a real baby well not baby but puppy I am very good with anmails so it will just be grand
I will post pics when I get home
Pitas Out

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