Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lets see what do I wanna blog about today ...

What about one of my heartprint friends is having a very hard time and is soon to be leaving her husband (X Best Friend) for the disrespect that him and his child give to her on the dialy basis (witch pisses me off by the way )

Or about how my step sister beat my Step Mom and 1/2 brother and I mean really beat them took thier truck and spread lies about my family my Step Mom is from my real Dad ...My Dad died of cancer 2 years this July ...Ed and I have kept constant contact with Dads sisde of the family ...I must say it just burns my ass that anyone could lay thier hands on thier parents to hurt them ...I just dont get it and refuse to cause I would never ever raise a hand to my real mother or disrespect her in any mannor I accept everyone for who and what they are

Lets talk about my Mom who has 48% heart function and Liver Fauiler with a HARDERENED Liver ....yes it is cause of my Moms drug use (she pops pills ) she has been in the hospital 10 times in just as meany months ...each time I think that it dosnt effect me ...but it dose ...I hate how my family treats my Mom ...its like HELLO STUIPED Mom has been doing this her whole life or my whole life it is taking a toll on her body now

Lets talk about my roommate that is bearly a week in and I wanna rip his man hood off I dont get mad often but when I do it is hard for me to let it go but my roommate uses his illness to his benifit and to gian things and this drives me crazy as well as he is LAZY and dose nothing at all and expects dinner made for him ...ummmm excuse me I only worry about Ed and I ...yes I have a roommate but I have a family frist hard to explane

I am going to a friends house to listen to his band and hang out I will stop at anthor friends house and see my lil heartbeat

Pita Out

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