Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introducing The Wonderful Loving Candi To You

Since all my last post have been so negtive and thats so not me . I decided to go back to the reasons why I started this sight ...To Bring Awarness To Lots Od Causes ...To Share My Ranch And The Anmials with you you alll ..To be the free loving person that I havnt been able to be (due to stress )
I have finally figured out that I can let the stress and ugliness consume me ...or I can be the persont that you all know me to be I chose to be ME and not let the ulgy nasty drama to consume me any longer
So with no more inturptions I am Introducing our newest member to the Ranch
That my friends is a Nubian goat ...bottle fed at that (no not by me ) and the sweetest lovingest trust giving heart taking Candi ..I mean look at those ears and her eyes how could one not fall in love with her
Candi is who helped me to rember who I am what I am about I mean you all here she is sweet and loving and trusting BOTTLE fed goat just trusting me loving me beliving in me in a matter of minutes I didnt have to act like nothing be nothing keep my mouth shut for nothing ...this lil goat is so so SWEET (Thats why we named her Candi ) and yet we both knew we were the click ..
I have to have the right anmail you know ..we the anmail and I have to meet each other in the middle somewhere for the connection that we will build upon ..I dont have mean anmails I refuse there is no mean here on the Ranch . Candi fit right in ...shes such a doll ..
I can tell you that if she loses sight of me she freaks out ...Bahhiinggg witch is so cute ...her Bahhhuhhh makes me giggle ..hers is defently diffrent from all my other goats ..but her like Skulls are weakings the are cared for by a humans not anamils they are truly special and the best goats I have ever had
We tried to Kennel Candi last night . Nope didnt work (more then you know she freaked out ) so I had to sleep on the couch and have her right there or she would bello like her heart is breaking .
I Would wake up with her on me ...Ohhh I dont wanna hear it she had a area that was prepaired for her to lock her in .but she had to have a phycal touch at all times of me ...I would fall asleep and she move I guess and I would find her on top of me ...yes I did you better belive it she is scared a new place with lots of anmails lol
ED and I are building a fence around dog house out there (Its Huge ) so that I can get her and Skulls out toghter ...have them bond as they grow up you know ...but Ed and I have to be careful we were given a pool .
We already have a coop a goat/pig pen now well have Candis Land ..Hey I kinda like that make the pen all bright and cheery that would wourk for me ....
We also still have to paint the goat house and coop but its been raning I been in a major funk that I almost drowned in
But as I siad before the goats need thier pen built I will take some pics to show you later until then rember there is no one better then you ...we all use the same tool boxes but our tools in life are diffrent ...dont brow beat or hurt epand those arms open up love live learn be suprized how drama dosnt matter when you take the plunge

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