Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Catch Up For All Of You

Good Morning Sunshines

Frist before I start to blog I want to ask for prayers for Rodney ..he is in a sezior disorder place and they are inducing seziors and Rodney is whiped out .so if you could pray with me that god guide the docters hands and proceeders and are able to give Rodney a better quilty of life .

Now it has been wirlwind crazy busy with me for the last month or so

Frist Ed and I took a trip to Az to go hang out with Momma Shirley, I hadnt seen her since before Daddy passed so for Ed taking me out there to hang out with family that ADORES me was just the best

Momma Shiley and I stayed up late talking about Daddy and she told me lots of things that my Dad just loved about me one being my brown eyes ..Momma said that Daddy loved my eyes (Ive always hated them and wanted blue eyes like my Daddy ) she also said that Dad was so proud of me and that he never wanted Momma Shirley or I to lose contact (got you there Daddy )

Ed and Cutie Pie bonded ...oh it was a dagger through my heart I cried for I feel that I failed him as a wife by not giving him a child ...Momma says I didnt and that Cutie Pie is ment for US FAMILY to raise ..I kinda like that cause Cutie Pie is all that and alil more to me Cutie Pie has wrapped both Ed and I around her finger ..but whats so great is she loves unconditionaly and has no ill opion or will towards me ..thats the best a REAL sister that dosnt judge or spread lies or start drama with the rest of the family ...I do belive god blessed me

There is some HUGE news coming but since Momma Shirley has shit for family then I am not about to go to far into it cause they will start drama with her and if one lays a hand on her I am back in AZ with the full force of police to stop the madness and to make sure all go to jail for a long time that is if they are lucky enough for me not to get ahold of them

Ed and I had a blast in AZ and we didnt have no drama until my Mom had a heart attack then my whole family went bobblehead crazy and started blaming me for things I didnt do all the while my Mom was in the ICU on life support so Ed with Momma Shirleys advice packed our things and got in the truck and got the hell out of AZ

On the way home I was sick I had to have Ed stop so I could puke (Can we say nerves) anyways ED always stoped held my hair as I let loose never complained of the 100 stops he had to make so I could throw up ..then we get to NM and Texas oh my goodness it was a blizzard for 500 plus miles Eds doing all he can to get me home cause that was where I was crying to go HOME where I am safe from the ones who hurt me berate me and start drama

Moms out of the hospital and she is getting stronger but to be honest with you I am loosing my connection with that side of the family and I dont very much care my brother and sister in law had a baby and guess what they didnt send pics tell me or nothing I had to hear it from my MOm who has been very hard on me due to the LIES that my siblings LIES yes LIES

You see they think they are hurting me and to be honest yes they are but what they dont realize is Daddy Don knew this was going to happen he made sure Momma Shirley and I would be close and boy do I see why he devoriced my Mother ..and as hard as that was to type out it is the truth ..Daddy wouldnt lead me or Momma Shirley astray ...

I had a blast with Don as well my 1/2 brother and I look alike think alike treat people alike were so much alike it was fun just hanging with him and spending time and realizing that we are the same

Ed and I have been building a chicken coop well Steve as well and that is coming along just fine is done sept for we need to paint it and do some minor things to it Im loving it 4 dozen chcikens is what we have we still need to build roost and boxes but the chicks are still to small for that so we have alil time to get that done

I am selling Tiny Prince and Peggy Suie (Shes a caca Mom I am bottle feeding both her kids ) Skulls will be staying with me FOREVER he is like a lap dog and he hugs you with his head in your neck ...he is so so sweet I have 4 people off of criags list that want the goats so we shall see where that goes

I am going to Nats tonight to see my girl PUNKY it has been a minute since we last saw her and she defently has me wrapped

Oh speaking of wraped Ed got Cutie Pie A Easter Dress shoes tights a lil purse and a hat along with some easter basket stuffers I was so very proud of him he only got her one candy and Ed and I are finding ourselfs in the cloths section for girls all the time ohhh and ohhhing

I maybe buying a new car I hope I dont jinx myself but I am wanting this car so bad its a a hatch back camerie I need it to tranzport my anmails and thier feed I dont have to have a sporty car just a car to get me from a to b and to be able to haul stuff for the ranch

Thats about it in a nut shell I wanted to get this journal up so you could check the pics out that I put up and know alil behind the story

I will NEVER EVER go to Ca EVER so if you live in Ca I am sorry that is a state that I am staying away from far far away


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