Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am here today to doucment that my mother has addmited that she is addicted to legal drugs ( pills) she just got out of the hospital. This is the frist time my mother has ever admited that she is addicted to pills let alone accept the responabilty of her drug abuse. My mother has said sorry for the way that she has treated me my whole life. I have waited my whole growing up life for my mother to admit what she is doing and take responabilty for what she has done.
I am proud of my mother on so meany levels and I believe that she will beat this addiction. My mother is a strong person, stronger then she realizes. I support her and forgave her long ago. I couldnt  live with hate in my heart it was eating me up.
I just wanted to doucment this HUGE Uplifting news with my blog. When I get a moment and process this I will be back
I love you my lil space on the net !!!

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