Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Have Saved Anthor Of Gods Anmails

This is my dog Shades ...Ive had him for years ...he isnt to happy with Zena

Zena all dressed and bathed after I got her yesterday

Zena is so sweet and didnt/ dosnt deserve to be put down cause her old owner is a bobble headed monster

This is Zena and we got her off criagslist ..the person we got her from was going to take her to the vet and put her down ...I dont know the story only other then this dog has been negleted and abused starved and screamed at

Zena is 9 years old and she is very skinny (not for long Ill change that and make her into a fat pumkin ) you can see how sickly she looks ...

My hubby and I went and saved this lil doll yesterday ...we have enough amnails but to know that Zena was going to be put to sleep just did Eds and my heart in

When I got Zena yesterday she stunk so bad her breath was nasty and she was all full of dried skin on her coat and her ears are a mess

I gave her a bath then anthor one then I brushed her teeth took her out and got her dressed yes I dress my anmails that let me :)

I then fed her ...oh my I have never seen a anmail go after food like this and goggle it down in neno seconds like Zena did .. I was appaled and sickend by the treatment of this dog ....

Zena is to weigh 7 pounds we are lucky to hit 5 pounds right now (soon it wont be a problem ) I have to work on her ears and her coat as well as get the nutrition and fat on her ..Im telling you my hubby saved this dogs life ..now we are supposed to be fostering her well and then finding a good home for her ...I cant get rid of her now at all ..I havnt had her 24 hours yet and this Gizmo (my name for her ) has stolen my heart and my feelings I can not take care of her and not fall in love I can not sleep with her and expect her to be gone one day it kills me to even think of that truly ..

(Gizmo =Zena ) gets along with my other anmails (unless she is eating ) and they get along with her ..so I dont have a problem there ..the cats arnt to sure of her yet but they will get use to her you know ? so I see no reason to get rid of her ...I will let Hubby think he has a Foster Dog for awhile Ill let him fall in love with Gizmo the way that I am and then cry and tell him we cant get rid of her ....it will work ..it has too ..I went and got Gizmo a bed and some cloths and shampoo and all I used christmas money but Gizmo needed these things so I consider it money well spent ..
I will keep this page updated with Gizmo= Zena as the time goes on ..think good thoughts and think hubby needs to fall in love with her so I can keep her
Just a thought what if God is tugging me in a diffrent direction then what I think I need to go ???

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