Friday, December 31, 2010

Kandi Camel & D'eago a& Gizmo

This is my boss your heart by Lorraine Patterson about Princess Chrissie and her heart surgery before she passed and how she was able to boss her heart !!!! If you havnt read the book I am telling you this is the book to read you can learn or order a book at I hope you do go and buy a book and I hope our princess brings you closer to god and may all the glory go to god !

here is the sunset out of Kansas that I saw last night ...awosme the gifts god gives my heart to see

This is D'eago Angelo ...he is the newest addition to the Ranch he is 4 months old and I am so in love with him it is not funny

this is Kandi Kamels baby Mircle ...Mircle didnt make it neither did Kandi Kamel I lost Mircle and alil boy and anthor girl this just flippen sucked and I am not over it ! I dont think I ever will be

Im Kissing Mircle see you later on the other side :( it has been a hard few days ) here on the Ranch I have more to tell but I am tired and just wanted to get the pics out
Gizmo is going home with Debi she is going to keep her cause my dogs are mean to her and I cant have that

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