Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts For Dad In Heaven

Good Morning Daddy

Boy there are alot of things going on ...frist I want to tell you that Ed and I are leaving for Az and Ca to see our familys

The reason to go to Ca is that Mom has been having a hard time with her heart and liver (Moms in the hospital right now )

To be honest Dad I dont know how much longer Moms heart is going to hold out much less her liver ...we all thought she was doing pretty good and Mom ended up in the ER Saterday night ....

Dad I am scared so scared for not only Mom but for me as well I am in no way ready to be parentless ...

Ed and I were going to go just to see Momma Shirley and Cutie Pie but Ed was like Racquell were going to be so close we dont stop in and see your Mom and somthing happens youll never forgive yourself and he is right ...Ed is alot like you in your thinking ...hes right just like you were always right if I wanted to believe it or not wonder I am so deeply in love with Ed were right you couldnt of picked a better man for me :)

I cant wait to go see Momma Shirley ...even after all this time that you have been gone Dad I have kept in touch with Momma Shirley and Don and made sure that they know that I love them ...I even talk to Cutie Pie on the phone Daddy she is so smart and has so meany of your triats ...she even has her desk that set by your desk and everything is the same as it was while you were here with us

I was talking to Cutie Pie about the goats havong thier babbies and Cutie Pie wanted me to bring them I told her that I couldnt cause they would Poopoo to much ...she idmedity tells Momma Shirley that I cant bring the goats cause they poopoo to much ...I about died Momma Shirley and I laughed so hard ...Dad to be honest that is the frist time I heard Momma Shirley belly laugh since you have flown off to heaven tickeled me thats for sure more ways then you will ever know

Ed and I are leaving the 6th of March and we might be gone almost 2 weeks ...not only do we need to get out to family but Dad I need to breath

Dianes angelversy is coming up and it is a STINER I never knew how close Diane and I were ....we were very close and to know her angelversy and her favorite holiday is sneeking up on me Daddy is just a big ol hurt that I try to hide from I cant find good memorys to cover the hurt of my heart ...can you tell her that I miss her

I just wanted to touch base with you and drop my feelings and heart off (Didnt I always do that when you were here with us ) your the one who would give me the truth if I wanted to hear it or not and you would make sure that I got the point and understood ...I dont understand anything or the hurt or how I can stop longing to be with you and Diane Grandma and Uncle Keith and Grandpa ...dang thats almost our whole family I am feeling jipped and very sad I cant shake it ....thats why this trip is so very important to me ...

The only thing I wish is that you would be sitting at your desk doing work when I walked in the door ....I know its not going to happen but that is what I want to see and I want to feel your big teddybear hugs around my waist

Daddy I love you miss you wish you were here and need you more then you know

All My Love

Your Loving Daughter




Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mom, I will be thinking of you and praying for safe travels for you!! Keep me posted and Have a Happy valentines Day.

Love< Marci

Michele said...

I am sorry to hear about your mom. I am saying a prayer for her and you. Be strong! Have a very safe trip. God bless.