Monday, February 23, 2009

The Baby Goats Are Here !!!! Finally From One Goat

These are all the anmails on the ranch well that dosnt include dogs cats birds turtles and fish
WE are now waiting on Glenda Suie to have her kids...were hoping it is real soon cause ED and I are taking a trip to Az and Ca ...Ca because my MOm is to sick and we dont know how long she has and AZ to go pick up my Dads stuff (he passed 2 years ago July ) I will do anthor post with the other babys then I will do a jounal before we leave for our trip I just wanted you all to see the joy that is bouncing out of me I mean come on look at those babys look at Bella and how much she has grown life on the ranch is PERFECT for me
Pitas Out
Oh the baby names are Lil Boy Lost and NeNea Moms Name is Peggy Sue Glenda Suie is the one were waiting on babys from Nina is the pig and Buddy is the babys Daddy

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